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Nancy's houseFollow Nancy Platteborze as she restore a house -- and chronicles a roller coaster of emotions from high ("I love this house; it has so much character and history...") to low ("What was I thinking! I wonder how much money I'll lose if I sell now?").

Part 1: An introduction: Why I love -- and hate -- my old house.

Part 2: Meet Nancy Platteborze: "My own history lead me to this house."

Part 3: Penniless and hopeless...the search for a fixer-upper.

Part 4: Needs TLC. Just a bit -- like walls, ceilings and a kitchen.

Part 5: You and Me Baby: Very, very dark days for Nancy and her house

Part 6: Starting over: Left in a lurch by her first contractor, Nancy begins again

Part 7: "Just give me white..." Painting the house

Part 8: Dating an old house: Detecting centuries of history

Part 9: Ecstasy and despair: Into the old house abyss again

Project Capsule: Nancy's house in a nutshell

New England Large -- a sensible, practical house

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