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scary storiesWhen we first moved into our 1880 stick-style Victorian, we had heard about its manyghosts stories. Not really believing in ghosts, I took them as amusement.

One story was that a ghost that cared greatly about the house was gettingused to us as we were getting used to it! The first few weeks at at house waslike "Jumanjii": First it was little ants, then carpenter ants, thencarpenter bees. A bigger insect every day! It seemed like everything wasbreaking down all at once: furnace, pocket doors, sewer line. But the funny partwas, this stuff always seemed to happen shortly after I ridiculed thepossibility of a ghost.

Then one day while I was giving some friends a tour of the house, the backbedroom mysteriously locked itself. I made light of it at the time, but I knewthat the lock on that door had been jammed open. That night we went to bed (backdoor still tight as ever). A large tree fell on the porch roof. It was a realmess to clean up, but it didn't damage the house.

Finally, I just lost it. I ran through the house screaming: "OK, OK I'mwilling to live with you spirits but you gotta give me a break! I will fix thisplace up in time, but have some patience!"

Although my wife thought I was crazy, we haven't had a thing go wrong sincethen. And that door.. well we found it wide open in the morning with the lockstill jammed open!

I still don't know about ghosts, but I'm an engineer and I can't explain this.After three years, we have the house looking good and seem to be getting alongwith each other (the house and ghosts, that is)... -- K.Pieroni.

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