Introducing the #ReuseIt Hashtag on Twitter

By: Myryah Irby , Contributing Writer
In: Home Improvement Tips, Green Renovations

If you’re anything like me, you’ve stored old household items in the back of the garden shed or garage in hopes of repurposing them in some grandiose restoration project. In reality though it’s only a matter of time before your slightly annoyed but understanding significant other politely asks you to either dump it, sell it or #ReuseIt.

In continued support of National Preservation Month and “old is the new green,” we’re introducing a new Twitter hashtag to our old-house friends and followers, #ReuseIt.

We’ll be using the #ReuseIt tag to highlight conversations about how to reuse old house items and materials, and we want you to join the fun.

Instead of making a trip to the dump or selling unwanted items on Craigslist, we’re encouraging you to snap a photo of your old household items and materials and post them on Twitter and Facebook for ideas about how to reuse them.

#ReuseIt in three simple steps:

1) Follow OldHouseWeb.com on Twitter and Facebook
2) Snap a photo of your old household items or materials
3) Post the photo to Twitter and/or Facebook with the #ReuseIt tag

Be on the look out for #ReuseIt posts from OldHouseWeb.com. We’ll be scouring the web for items and materials to challenge your ability to think about restoration in unique and creative ways. Surprise us!

Remember, the green revolution starts at home; reusing items you already own is an easy step in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Check out Elaine’s recent post Repurposing Old Doors for some great examples of how to #ReuseIt.


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  1. 3 Responses  to “Introducing the #ReuseIt Hashtag on Twitter”

  2. Ricky
    Aug 29, 2011
    Haha that is a great idea, hopefully it catches on! I will do my part and pass it on to my 30 followers :(
  3. RJ
    Aug 29, 2011
    Well this is definitely a high tech upgrade to the way that we re use household items in my town. Here, we just bring there old items to the public dumpsters and leave them outside the dumpster for others to take. I have scored a very nice children's swing set, some golf clubs, and an old oak dresser (that later got converted into a bathroom vanity).
  4. Aug 29, 2011
    Brilliant idea, Lucy!