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By: Mark Clement , Contributing Writer
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I’ve received an advanced copy of Wood Flooring: A Complete Guide to Layout, Installation, and Finishing and I can say it is loaded with outstanding information. From basic wood flooring–including engineered wood flooring–installation tips and tricks to diagnosing wood floor failures the book is cover-to-cover rich with important information.

Wood Flooring By Charles Peterson

Wood Flooring By Charles Peterson

If you’re a beginner–especially if you’re working in an old house–Wood Flooring has the basic information you need–everything from underlyament to a wood density chart.

If you’re advanced, however, I’ve never seen a flooring book with this much design, technique, and forensic information. Heck, I was even blown away by the photos, which, along with the top flight information are crisp and beautifully styled.

Author Charles Peterson details everything from medallions to borders to full-on–I don’t even know what to call it! Some of his floors are so ornate they look like Maurice Escher drawings. I can’t believe they’re wood. Parquets, maps, in-lays, medallions…wow.

Add in the chapter on getting a good finish and you’ll never be more ready for your next floor–installing it right and making sure it’ll stay that way.

Note: there’s another feather in this book’s cap–the co-author. Andy Engel is a colleague and consummate professional. His name on this is endorsement enough for me that this is information you can trust.


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  2. Aug 29, 2011
    I wish I'd had this book when we refinished our hardwood floors. The floors were slightly cupped in places, and - despite my better judgment - we had to sand against the grain to achieve a smooth finish. Surely there was nothing more terrifying than the sight of my handyman bearing down on the roaring drum sander, sending up enormous plumes of wood dust.
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