Help with this Style?

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Help with this Style?

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Hey everyone, new guy to the forum here!

Just recently purchased a home built in 1902 in Buffalo Ny.

I am trying to determine what style this house would be considered. I am leaning toward American Foursquare, however, from most research -- I really don't seem very little if any mention of a two-family foursquare style home.

I've attached a photo of the front for your input.

One thing to note, I believe this house was always a 2-family home and built as such. It is a bit longer than wide and more rectangular. However, each unit has (2) staircases - front and back - that are symmetrical and down the center of the house.

The main entrance door goes into a vestibule that splits to (2) additional doors (1) to each apartment.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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