Installing Recessed Lighting in Old Hous

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Installing Recessed Lighting in Old Hous

Postby Chenos on Thu Mar 05, 2020 5:39 am

I’m planning to install some 4″ and 5″ recessed cans in my 1926 house. I have good attic access, etc.

I presume that I’ll install the remodel fixtures, but have some questions.

The ceilings are faced with sheetrock, but I suspect that there are lath and plaster behind the 1/4″ sheetrock. Should I plan the install any different than regular sheetrock? What about the trim, etc?

How does one cut the holes for the cans? Do they have some large hole-saw contraption? Do you just use a regular jigsaw?

Finally, as I look at fixture options I see fluorescent, low voltage, line level, and halogen options… are the latter (line level & halogens) just different bulbs one puts in the same fixture? Fluorescents are out because I can’t dim them..and want that….

Any recommendations regarding brands, compatible dimmers, etc?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good book/article on installing recessed lighting?

Thanks in advance!
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