What to trim my floors with

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What to trim my floors with

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Hi All,

I had some pine floors refinished in my home. After a few companies told me they couldn't be saved, one brave sould took them on they're gorgeous. He sanded them, patched using extra we found laid in the attic and put 3 coats of semi-gloss on them. They're a beutiful honey colored pine BUT my dilemma is what in the world do I use for trim? I have new windows that are pine on the inside and pine doors...but I'm sure they wont get the same beautiful yellow look, because they're new. Any suggestions or experiences you've had would be great!

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You might experiment with some scraps to try and achieve a similar color. Perhaps some stain color would "butter" the new stuff up enough to be compatible with your old pine floors. Another choice might be to consider painting the trim and doors - which was quite common on old houses throughout the ages, leaving the floors to stand alone as the "wood tone" in the decor. One thing I learned is that pine needs to get a "sanding sealer" before staining and sealing - it helps the wood to grab the stain more evenly - which is the chief problem with pine - some areas just grab the stain and leave dark blotchy areas no matter how hard to try to keep the stain even. Keep a record of what you use on your scraps so you can remember the exact formula! Good luck.
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It really depends on the color of the other trim in your house - do you plan to leave it natural or stain it?

Our floors are a warm medium brown so we stained the woodwork a few shades darker - it looks great.
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