old vintage retro wallpaper sample books wanted

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old vintage retro wallpaper sample books wanted

Postby barrett on Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:52 pm

i am looking for books of wallpaper samples from the 70's, not for my house but for my artwork. even partial rolls or scraps that you have peeled off would be great. my greatest asset right now is an old wallpaper sample book from the late 60's and early 70's that i bought at a fleamarket, but the pages are running out. the seller had another book that i went back for a week later but they weren't there, i should have bought both at once. live and learn. i have rolls of old wallpaper too, but they are quickly running out. i also have pieces of old linoleum from the floors in our old house, but they are far and few between. i need something more patterned and colorful.

i need wallpaper of any size and condition as well as linoleum. from the late 60's or early or mid 70's. any size, any condition. small pieces that you can fit into a legal size envelope or whole rolls to ship.

http://www.barrettskrypeck.com. check out my artwork that relates to my past and old houses.

i need more wallaper or linooleum! help me out! i can send personal check or money order or use paypal.

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