This house needs a new home and TLC

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This house needs a new home and TLC

Postby Nancy W on Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:51 am

Per Edee's request - here's the house she calls her house.

The house and farm are called Wicomico Fields. The farm adjoins our other farm Lower Brambly. The two houses are about 2 miles apart, although the 2 properties are separated only by a county road.

I think it is a neat house, just I just cant't manage another old house (especially in this condition) in addition to all the responsibilities with 4 farms. We can't sell the house and 3-4 acres because Wicomico Fields farm is in agriculture preservatiion and the development rights are gone. So if we were to separate the house and a few acres from the farm, a replacement house CAN NOT be built in the future. We (or someone) can build again at some point if the current house is moved or torn down, etc. We need to preserve that ability to have a house on the farm.

So I'm looking for the right person to move her to another location. Anyone interested? My engineer friend says the original part of the house is good and solid, but the 2 back rooms (later addtions) have problems and he would not move them (they are not origianl anyway). We think it was built about 1900. All the old sashs and interior doors were stolen prior to our purchase in October 2005. The front door with original wavy glass is still there. The immediate previous owner intended to burn it. I remember when I was a child, it always looked perfectly manicured with a white picket fence around the front yard.
These pictures were taken by Edee, on a chilly rainy March day in 2006


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