antique wood cook stove conversion

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antique wood cook stove conversion

Postby Dr. Doolitle on Sun Feb 04, 2007 5:50 am

My wife and I are seriously contemplating purchasing an antique wood cook stove that has been converted to natural gas. Does anyone have any experience with any individuals/businesses that perform these restorations and conversion(good time stove co., stove hospital, Carlyle Weiss, etc.)? One of the victorian web sites that I had visited had a foot note that strongly discouraged anyone from using good time stove co. and recommended contacting the webmaster for specifics (I haven't ran across the website for awhile now and can't remember what it was called). If anyone has actually purchased one of these conversions or has performed themselves I would love to hear from you. These stoves are so expensive I could really benefit from some validation of their merits aside from the ads and websites of the above listed businesses.

thanks, Troy
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