Anyone have experience with old bath drains?

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Anyone have experience with old bath drains?

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I was trying to remove a clog today (I have long hair) in my bathtub. Draino was not working. I have an overflow with the lever to drop the drain down to stop the tub. I couldn't remove the clog and wanted to try plunging it. I read online that you can unscrew the overflow cap and then "pull the assembly out".... Well, I pulled, and the drain and about 6 inches of linked metal came out too. I am obviously not a plumber. My question is-- was this hooked to the rest of the assembly by... ? Did a screw pop out or do they just kind of snap together?

What are the pros and cons of getting a new assembly, maybe PVC? I would rather have a drain with a screen/grate that is plugged some other way, so if this isn't terribly hard to do then I think I should do it....

Thank you.
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I did a Google search for old bathtub drain and came up with lots of info & images

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I remember years ago trying to clear out a 1920's style tub drain and discovered it had a "drum" trap. Very intersting setup. I have never seen anything like it since although I heard that it was very common in the early part of the 20th

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I have had slow draining tubs but with ours I pulled the metal drop stopper out of the tub drain and a large wad of hair came out with it---yuck---but when I replaced the metal stopper & linked mechanism the drain worked fine. I have done this a couple of times over the years we have lived here and it worked each time. Don
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