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Re: Tender Foot Needs Advise on Historic Home Purc

Postby Misha Slocum on Mon Mar 01, 1999 12:06 pm

My fiance and I are also greenhorns, in the process of becoming one with an historic house (1867) which is in generally wonderful condition - clean sills, new roof, almost perfectly square, some water damage due to neglected siding. The floors do sag, due to a couple of missing supports in the basement, and I have encountered much information on jacking the floors slowly to ease the structure back into square. HOWEVER, our problem is a bit different - this house has to be moved from its site onto a different property and new foundation! How does one handle the "easing-in" period when a whole-building move is taking place? Also, where can I find information about issues related to whole-building moving? What do we need to watch for and be concerned about? Any assistance is most appreciated!

Misha Slocum

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