1760's or so Fireplace with bake oven and provisio

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1760's or so Fireplace with bake oven and provisio

Postby Sixkids on Mon Mar 01, 1999 3:54 pm

I am looking for plans and ideas to build an old fashioned type fireplace. We built our log cabin and want to build a brick / fieldstone fireplace within. We have a cathedral ceiling about 21' or so and the fireplace chimney would go all the way up on the inside of the house. I have an area of about 130" for a fireplace wall. The first area to the left of the fireplace would also incorporate a small bedroom fireplace on the other side of the wall. At the right end of the 130" (not within the 130") is a metal chimney connected to our oil furnace located in the basement. I would like to be able to cook in this fireplace and also to have a bake oven. My husband took masonry classes and together we built our basement and our log home. I am having trouble finding plans for such a fireplace, and also an outlet for fireplace cranes, ect. I did find one or two, but the prices were very high. Thank you for any and all help!

Re: 1760's or so Fireplace with bake oven and prov

Postby Ken Holmes on Mon Mar 01, 1999 3:54 pm


I'm afraid I can't help much with specific plans for fireplaces. If I were searching, I'd pull out my stacks of old magazines -- probably starting with Fine Homebuilding, as they've always had a fascination with somewhat rustic modern houses, and have pictured many, many great fireplaces over the years. So you might see if your local library -- or one in your area -- has these magazines available.

Another source of some great fireplace pictures on the web (though they may not be the style you're looking for) is at Jim Buckley's Rumford Fireplace web site. The url is http://www.rumford.com/

Finally, a question: What kind of prices were you quoted for fireplace cranes? I'm curious, as I have a very old (1800+/-) crane stuck away in my attic. I bought it years ago for a restoration project, but sold the house before installing it.

Good luck, Ken Holmes
Ken Holmes

Re: 1760's or so Fireplace with bake oven and prov

Postby Sixkids on Mon Mar 01, 1999 3:55 pm

Thanks I'll start there! Country Living magazines and those type are also good for pictures. I wasn't told an exact price for a crane just that you should seek out a local person specializing in that type of work since commercial ones would be too expensive. I really haven't located an outlet for such items yet. Did you buy yours at an auction or something? Was it expensive? Are you considering selling it? Thanks! Six

Re: 1760's or so Fireplace with bake oven and prov

Postby Ken Holmes on Mon Mar 01, 1999 3:56 pm

As near as I can recall, I paid around $125 for the crane, roughly 10 years ago, at a rural Maine antique shop. I don't know what it's worth today -- but yes, I'd consider parting with it.

I checked Jim Buckley's web site further, by the way, and he has a variety of plans for Rumford fireplaces and (more important for you) for Rumford cooking fireplaces. He also offers a wide variety of materials, through a supplier. So you should spend some time on Jim's site.

Of course, you should also come back and visit us!

Best, Ken Holmes
Ken Holmes

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