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Here you'll find a wide range of discussions on old-house topics.
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Your Feedback is welcome here!

Mon Mar 01, 1999 4:05 pm

We'd welcome any feedback you might have -- either about these boards and how to make them better, or about the Old House Web in general!


Re: Your Feedback is welcome here!

Mon Mar 01, 1999 4:05 pm

This is a great site. But it does have a lot of ads....guess that is part of the *free* internet. (grumble, grumble...)

But all in all, the site looks great. And us old house owners can never have *too* many virtual friends!

Seems to download pretty quick as well. (never met an old house owner that wasn't in a hurry!)



Re: Your Feedback is welcome here!

Mon Mar 01, 1999 4:06 pm


As the editor of The Old House Web, I'll agree: I too, wish there weren't so many ads. Every writer and editor wants the content to be the center of the show!

As publisher of The Old House Web, I just wish we had more ads -- or at least more ads that paid us better. We're a shoe-string startup, still trying to make ends meet (let alone pay either the publisher, editor or webmaster a decent salary).

Oh, and as editor and publisher, I'm glad you like the site. Tell all your friends about us too. Word-of-mouth will help us grow, allowing the site to get even better.

Thanks for the note, Ken Holmes

Re: Your Feedback is welcome here!

Thu Mar 04, 1999 8:47 pm

I think this site is very good overall. As a old home owner I am always looking for places to trade info with other home owners. The only suggestion I have for this site, would be to create subcategories to post in. By subcategories I mean a category for roofing,siding,electrical, plumbing, etc.... I think this would make it easier for people who have expertise in certain areas. I think it would also make it easier for people looking for information. I am glad I came across this site. It is a big help


Re: Your Feedback is welcome here!

Fri Mar 05, 1999 2:31 pm


Thanks for the feedback! Actually, the first version of our bulletin boards offered several subcategories, but the software we were using and our web server didn't like each other one bit.

As the boards grow a bit deeper and more active, I agree with you -- it would be nice to allow people to zoom right in, through subcategories, on exactly the type of info they're seeking.

At the same time, I'd like to allow people the opportunity to browse through all conversations that have been active in the past day, or week, or whatever, no matter what the topic.

Alas, this will take some custom-coding to accomplish! In the meantime, try out the search engine that's part of the new bulletin board software: It's quick and should get you where you want to go quickly.

Ken Holmes

The Old House Web

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