Mismatched Bricks on Addition -- Can Anyone Offer

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Mismatched Bricks on Addition -- Can Anyone Offer

Postby Mike on Mon Mar 01, 1999 4:48 pm

I am trying to find an exterior colorant to change the brick color on my addition. When we built the addition the brick matched perfectly. Six months later the brick changed color. Do you know of a product we can use to change the color of exterior brick.

Thanks for any help,


Re: Mismatched Bricks

Postby Ken Holmes on Mon Mar 01, 1999 4:48 pm

While the subject of bricks that don't quite match the originals is a familiar one, the notion of trying to color the offending bricks somehow is a new one on me.

As you probably know, most designers of brick additions assume that, despite their best efforts, the new bricks won't exactly match the existing ones -- so they create visual breaks between new and old, usually with trimwork. Has this been tried?

One other thought: Check out several of the bricklayers' associations web sites to see if you can find any answers.
Ken Holmes

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