Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

Postby philip on Mon Mar 01, 1999 8:19 pm

Does anyone know the estimated costs of installing a 2 zone cooling system in a 100 year old 3 story townhome with 4-5 bedrooms, 2-3 baths, plus kitchen, DR, and LR.

Re: air conditioning

Postby Ken Holmes on Mon Mar 01, 1999 8:20 pm


While giving you any type of specific answer is far beyond my expertise these days (it's been 7+ years since I did any old-house contracting for customers), I think I can at least point you in a sensible direction:

R.S. Means is the leading publisher for figuring out how long things take -- and then packaging this information into estimating information that can be used by residential contractors and homeowners.

Their website is http://www.rsmeans.com

Means' books that I used to find extremely helpful were their interior and exterior home improvement cost guides. They have them for sale through their website, or you probably can find them at a well-stocked bookstore.

I hope this helps,

Ken Holmes

Ken Holmes

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