Refinishing cupboards

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Refinishing cupboards

Post by Tam »

I don't know what kind of wood my kitchen cabinets are. They are kind of orange-beige in color. They are old fashioned but solid. I am going to sand the old finish off (they are natural wood but are dirty and have turned a yucky orangish color). Once I get to the bare wood (which is more of a nice beige-tan color) what do I seal the wood with? I do not want a shiny coating such as polyurathane. Any ideas on the type of wood it is? Beech?


Re: Refinishing cupboards

Post by K.C. »

You didn't indicate the age of your home, or a more precise description of the wood in your cabinets. However, many older cabinets were made of fir, a soft, light wood like pine, but without the pronounced grain. sanding may end up a disaster. Try stripper or Formsby's furniture refinisher to remove the old clear finish, and apply a couple coats of satin finish poly to avoid the shiny look.


Re: Refinishing cupboards

Post by lvtocmp »

Thank you, K.C.!! Our house is maybe 70-80 yrs old. And that just may be the kind of wood it is. There is no pronounced grain.


Ponderosa Pine Kitchen

Post by RMBingaman »

Help!!! Need ideas on how/what to update in an entirely ponderosa pine kitchen. The cabinets are pine and the walls are pine paneling. Any ideas short of ripping it all out and starting over are welcome. The paneling and the cabinets are in good condition---just not the prettiest thing I've ever seen. Thanks in advance, Rosa

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