House restorations and TV

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House restorations and TV

Postby Dan Arnett on Mon Mar 01, 1999 8:28 pm

We have purchased a large house which was a fraternity house until last year. The house is about 200 years old and was originally built to be the home of a Supreme Court Justice. Inside the house is a fireplace that is over 400 years old! There is a ton of history in the house and we are going to remodel it. My question is does anyone out there know more "programs" that deal with this like This Old House? We would like to begin a large project and think that it is fitting for shows and agencies that do that kind of work.

Dan Arnett

Re: House restorations and TV

Postby tracy on Tue Mar 09, 1999 11:15 pm

Hi.... I would caution you that I think This Old House is heading in the wrong direction. They have really changed from the strict restoration show they once were....I don't know what area you're in, but there are other shows that do some projects, albeit on a smaller scale, like About Your House with Bob Yapp, who is based in Iowa. Your house sounds so interesting....I'd love to hear more about it. My house is not nearly so historically worthy (*g*) and I'm sure I would be incredibly jealous...:) But This Old House really worries me.


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