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Post by houblon »

Here is our ca. 1920 house. I call it a dutch colonial revival bungaloid with prairie influence. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Unfortunately the upstais has been redone with vinyl siding and the woodtrim is hidden behind the aluminum stuff. The inside is nice with original wood trim and leaded glass windows (the three small windows on the left side).


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Post by Jen »

This is a wonderful thread. I waited until I knew I had some time to spend here and enjoy! My turn to try:


Geez, could that satellite dish stand out any more?!

I think this picture is from last Christmas; what's changed is that all of the terrace plantings are gone, and the terraces are redone in stone. There are stone steps running strait up to the top terrace/landing now too. We are about 1/2 way done with all of the stonework out front, thank goodness. Next, all the shrubbery around the porch is going to be torn out, and the porch fixed up, then trim repainted.
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Post by kycatfan »

Here are some pics of what my house used to look like (and what I hope it looks like again). Current pictures are way too scary!

This was taken sometime in the 20's-30's? (I think)
This one I think was from the 40's.

Your photos have been great inspiration. Thanks for the posts!

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Post by calclan »

I am lovin this!!! Everyones house is great. Heres mine....

with a freak so cali snowstorm:


for the fourth:

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Post by crazyjo »

I have been off the internet for a while 'cause I got a new job and completely missed this thread until this morning. It is so cool to see all the different kinds of houses, and especially the different stages of work. What cracked me up was when someone would mention some bizzare feature that they thought really stuck out, Jen's satellite dish most recently, and I hadn't even noticed it because I was busy drooling on the house. :)

Here's ours at closing:

After we cleaned up the landscaping and the flowers took off:
Pardon the flags; we were still training the dogs on the Invisible Fence. :)
The back:
The deck has got to go!

And now a question: I know this is a Craftsman Bungalow because it fits every description inside BUT I have never seen a roofline like ours. Anyone know anything about this?
1920 Bungalow

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Post by James »

You know, I actually like the deck on your place, if it were me I'd leave it unless I had other plans for the space.
As for your roofline, it has clipped gables which are common enough on bungalows. No real good pictures from the side but it looks like your roof line curves, like a pagoda? Am I right? At least in the front it seems to, not the back which we have a better shot of. I would call it a chinese influenced bungalow if I am right about that. Unusual for sure, but I am trying to think I have seen that curved gable form before somewhere but not sure where. Definitely a Chinese influenze tho I would say.
Locust Quarter, circa 1770 Georgian Gambrel roofed cottage.

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My Home

Post by oxford »

[img][img]http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd25 ... reet-1.jpg[/img][/img]

This is my house around 1900 - the landscaping looks very new!
It's definitely not as pretty now with an enclosed front porch, aluminum siding and asphalt roof. I'll post a pic of that soon.

[img][img]http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd25 ... 0_0263.jpg[/img][/img]

Here it is as of today. Off to the basement to sister 5 2x8 joists that were notched out to 2x4 in the center of a 15 ft span in order to run the return air. I'd be nervous but it's been that way for probably 80 years, so it should hold for a at least a few more minutes!

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Summer and winter

Post by Patchules »

Almost done. Just a few details left. Couple of years maybe.....
And this is a light snow. In April of 06 the Jeep looked like a marshmelllow.
This house picture thread is great. Such a variety of homes. And so much work by many to make sure they last longer than we will.

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Ooooh! I love all the photos of these fab houses!

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Post by 88hazel »

Here is our house in 1890:
Here it is today:
We plan to restore it back to the original as much as possible.

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