Parting Bead Oddities

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Re: Parting Bead Oddities

Post by Danno »

not sure what is going on in picture---> IMG_3099.JPG and IMG_3097.JPG what is that tool?
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Re: Parting Bead Oddities

Post by dfiler »

That's a flashing bender. Basically it is a really wide mouthed pliers for bending rolled metal roof flashing.

I used it to straighten the weather stripping on the meeting rail. The upper sash has a U-shaped metal weather strip on the meeting rail. The lower sash has a flat piece of metal on the meeting rail. As the lower sash is lowered, that metal piece comes down to rest inside the U-shaped trough attached to the upper sash. They weren't straight anymore and thus didn't seal as well. Clamping down on them with the flashing bender seemed like the easiest way to straighten them.

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Re: Parting Bead Oddities

Post by Danno »

gotchya, thanks for the explanation. It's fun to see the similarities and differences between the things we both have to do to restore our windows. Mine will be coming with pictures in a couple of weeks, so be prepared!
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Re: Parting Bead Oddities

Post by moonshadow317 »

After I offered you those extra pieces, I removed them from the parting beads. They look like they could easily be recreated with a piece of felt and a strip cut to fit the width of your parting bead. You could try it out on a piece of the old weather-striping. Then all you have to do is tack the piece one nail on top slide the felt in the middle and another nail on the bottom. BTW I was able to buy real tiny copper nails in packs at Home depot.
To remove window without mangling weather stripping.
First take off the thin side pieces of wood that frame the windows. Gently pry them up with a thin scraper.
Open the bottom window and slide the scraper behind the molding to where there is a nail. Pop the nail up a little push the metal back down and use a small hammer to remove the nails as you go.
Push the window down and get the top nails. A needle nose plier works really well to pull out the nails. Mine only had 3 or 4 nails in each piece .
After you have done one side, you will be able to pull the window out on that side and disconnect the rope by tacking in a nail up top by the pully. I had chains on mine so it was easy to just slide in a nail. Then disconnect the rope on the other side
Then I removed the parting bead and slid the scraper though the metal weatherstriping on the same side as the first. I did not remove the weatherstriping on the top and bottom nor on one side of most of my windows. I cleaned them up with a piece of steel wool and you can even wax them a little.
To put the winow back in just do the reverse. Everything will fit back in perfectly. If you happen to bend the weatherstripping. It can easily be tapped back into shape with the little hammer or shaped with a squared off plier on the folds ( think vice grip)

I hope this helps,

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