Have you removed aluminum siding? I HAVE! New Pics!

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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by Civil War Seamstress »

The picts of your window and sill look exactly like mine. I am very interested to see what you do about the sills, and I will put it in my research folder for when it's my turn. We pulled off some siding due to a small mud room addition at the top of the newly restored back stairs. (We call it taking a CAN OPENER to the house 8) )

We pulled the tin can off the back wall of the sewing room because we added in a small mud room. We found out that this particular wall didn't even have clapboards (as the addition was from 1980) and at least we have a nice blank slate to start with. We are putting up the clapboards this weekend. I have 2 good days to paint and am trying to get the prep work done before the last good painting day up here is gone!

Yes there are neighbors who think we are crazy and come right out with it and say so. I was told I was "going to have to paint those" (meaning the wood siding) and my reply was "someone painted over the tin siding, aren't I going to have to paint it anyway at some point?! Might as well go for wood!"

You are doing the right thing. My hat is off to you!!
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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by Iowa4Square »

Oh man, I want to do that so bad I can taste it! I have been telling everyone in the six years since we bought this house that I was going to rip off the aluminum in 2009 for its 100th birthday. My wife is less than thrilled with the prospect. "What is the benefit, besides you getting a warm, fuzzy feeling?" she asks :roll: :roll: :roll:

The foreman of the siding crew that ruined the house next to ours a few years ago told me he had done my house back in 1986, but that they hadn't removed any details or chopped off any trim. I'm hoping he's right. Our local preservation group also has an unveiling program that pays matching grants up to $2500; I fully intend to apply.
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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by BobG »

Well, I for one am glad that we decided to do it. You are lucky, so far, in that your siding is in pretty good shape. Ours was rotted pretty badly in some areas due to chronic leaky box gutter syndrome, and also due to the fact that in some areas, the aluminum trapped moisture very well. You are also lucky in that your foil paper is attached with furring strips. Ours was attached with about fifteen million staples.

We've uncovered quite a few details, and are anxiously awaiting the painters, even though the carpenters aren't finished yet. The painters are supposed to start the first week of November ... I can't wait!!!!

I wish you luck in your unwrapping, and hope that the contractor does a good job. Keep posting pictures!
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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by notpetergriffin »

No new pics today! Our camera was broken. I am not going to blame anyone but I can tell you it involved a 3yo and a can of pop. As soon as I replace it I will post updated pics. We did find that on the front porch the crown moulding was removed, but luckily I have some that I bought off ebay that was too small to use in the living and dining rooms.

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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by Danno »

notpetergriffin wrote:We did find that on the front porch the crown moulding was removed, but luckily I have some that I bought off ebay that was too small to use in the living and dining rooms.
wait, sidetrack, you bought crown moulding on ebay? tell me more.
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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by mejane »

Oh I can't wait to get home and see these pics!

Danno, back when we lived in the farmhouse and had to repair 4 pieces of Fir flooring in our LR, I also checked Ebay and lo and behold they had it! We ended up not ordering from there, but you'd be surprised what you can find.
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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by Sombreuil_Mongrel »

I am "in process" on removing the aluminium. The siding underneath was in good shape, but the old paint started peeling off immediately. It needed lots of prep. The back porch area had been half-enclosed in 1938.

Maybe next year I'll set up pump jacks and finish a side.

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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by CivilWarHome »

Looking good!! Keep the pictures coming!
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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by cs »

Here’s some before during and after shots of our place:

Before – vinyl in all it’s rubbery glory:

Here is the front, stripped of vinyl and ready for paint prep:

Here’s the finished product.
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Re: Have you removed aluminum siding?

Post by jennyjkerr »

Our home is covered with 3100 sq ft of aluminum siding. The realtor suggested if we recycled it we might get enough back to cover half of the install of new vinyl siding. I looked into and found out that the only aluminum siding that is really worth anything apparently is the uninsulated type that is silver on the back. If yours is anything else on the back then it's apparently only worth about 10 cents a pound. The estimate to reside our home is $17,000. I had a blog comment from someone today who suggested we try to see if we couldn't remove it ourselves and repair any damaged boards and paint... this is looking more and more like a good idea seeing as how the estimate to replace the rusted sections of gutter, add new downspouts and replace the few pieces of missing soffit and fascia board was $7,300. If I can paint the house for less than it will cost me to simply fix the few things awry with the exterior I'm willing to do the labor. At least what I can of it and my husband's family has enough life long handymen to do what I can't.

Your estimate sounds great, I hope it works out. I enjoyed reading this thread, lots of good advice here!

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