TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

Post by cadrad »

I am such a dork that ive suscribed to OHJ for like 24 years, since I was 10yrs. old, and read them cover to cover, articles about things like replacing a foundation sill and how to maintain your steam heating system. why is beyond me because we lived in a 1978 tri-level! I still like the magazine today.
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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

Post by S Melissa »

Ha! I can remember OHJ when it was a zeroxed newsletter with a 3 hole punch all in b/w! When it went to the magazine form and in color - OMG it was almost too much glitz! I love both the OJH and OHJ interiors and have stacks of them around. I have shed several years of them from time to time (Old Houses Have No storage!) but I still hang on to those that I really love. It's a sickness.

And - as far as that snazzy ceiling - with the Japanese maple leafs all over it - that's just wonderful. I'd be scared to try it, but it's really really really something! Let us know if you gin up your courage - or find a stash of cash to hire someone - but that ceiling is just awesome (in the truest sense of the word!)
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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

Post by catperson »

Cadrad and SMelissa, I still subscribe to TOH Magazine, but don't like it very well. I agree with you on Old House Journal and Old House Interiors. Especially Old House Journal. I am thrilled when it comes in the mail! I also remember when OHJ came like a newsletter with a three hole punch. This was in the 70's, and we are showing our age! I didn't have an old house then, but loved the magazine anyway. I did buy an old house in the late 70's. I was single and it was a c.1915 craftsman. Only got to live there a year and a half due to a job change. I loved that house. Another magazine I really like is Victorian Homes. It seems to get better all the time. I also like some things in Renovation Style. I am a magazine freak, but my DH finally convinced me to get rid of the 30+ years of my old house magazines. I sold them in lots on Ebay, and did pretty well. I just couldn't stand to throw them away, or put them in the recycling bin. I hope someone else is enjoying them as much as I did.

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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

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Here's another source for historically correct stencils and supplies.
You can download Polly's catalogs in PDF format free.


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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

Post by rehabbingisgreen »

eperot wrote:^^^^what he said. That's why I'm not renewing my subscription this year.

The bathroom floor looks pretty cool painted. Flipping it upside down (without hijacking this thread..) I'm drooling over this ceiling treatment for our dining room... ... ry_id=1008

OMG that is so pretty! I bet it might not feel so overwhelming when you do it because you'll be doing it in stages although I know overhead work is much more difficult just because of the angle. I really like the look of that ceiling.

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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

Post by BeaArthur »

Lynners wrote:
BeaArthur wrote:What's with all the pet projects? A dog obstacle course for your backyard?! Really?

Where can I find this project?!

Seriously. I'm a dog nut. :)

Although I agree that TOH may not be the appropriate place to be publishing such info...

found it! Sept. 2009 issue.
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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

Post by Fanner »

We are planning to paint a "rug" on our back porch floor this summer. Well, by "we" I mean my niece; I don't have an artsy bone in my body. I saw pictures in a book about porches. No stamina for ceiling painting, but that would be so pretty too!
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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

Post by lisascenic »

Faux Islamic Tile

A sample layout for hand-printed wallpaper.

I do this kind of painting for a living. Here are a few blog posts about my crazy job: ... floor.html

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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

Post by Vaso7 »


I love your work! Wow!!!!
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Re: TOH magazine, painted bathroom floor

Post by Lynners »

Thanks, BeaArthur!
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