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Nice to hear

Post by Brian142 »

I've been stripping paint an exterior door sized window that is otherwise identical to the door and another window on the other side of it so I can put on a stain that shows the grain. I finally get to the clean bare wood and find the tightest straight vertical grain Douglas Fir I have ever seen. I think you need a magnifying glass to count the growth rings. I'm having my house painted now and the painter's first comment was "Wow that is nice. Why would someone paint over that?"

It's good to hear that from a painter!

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Re: Nice to hear

Post by lavender_bush »

Excellent - recommend him to ALL your friends, he gives good advice. 8)

Heck - send him here, I only work from recommendations.

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Re: Nice to hear

Post by KristenS »

Yes, recommend him/her to everyone! Because the recommendations I get from my neighbors are for folks who put vinyl siding on houses, and those bath fitter thingies in bathrooms.

I want to display a sign prominently in my yard:

If you offend my house by uttering the words "vinyl" or "trex", you will be escorted off the property.
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Re: Nice to hear

Post by KirstenN »

KristenS wrote:If you offend my house by uttering the words "vinyl" or "trex", you will be escorted off the property.
A young carpenter friend of mine related a conversation between Bob, the 76-year-old carpenter he works with, and someone building a new house on the island.
Bob: "I see ya went with the plastic windows".
Homeowner, somewhat stiffly, "They're vinyl".
Bob drawls in retort: "Vinyl's just a fancy word for plastic".

Love it!
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Re: Nice to hear

Post by melissakd »

My two NBFs for this week: Bob and the painter!

I thought everyone knew vinyl is plastic, but I guess something has to account for the people who buy "resin" collectibles. [Hint: They're not made out of sap.]

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