Whiting substitute???

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Re: Whiting substitute???

Postby jade mortimer on Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:56 pm

we use a brush or a papertowel to spread the whiting around to absorb the oil...when you do a lot of window work, it is a real time saver...

setting and glazing the glass results in a lot of oily fingerprints...the oil should be removed from the glass within hours of glazing (puttying)...sprinkle whiting to absorb the oil/smudges...use enough to cover the glass (not unlike using a spray cleaner--you distribute by wiping with paper towel) about a 1/4 teaspoon per pane for an average sized 6 over 6...vacuum the whiting from the glass surface and let the putty set up for 5-7 days til it skins over...we then use a NEW razor to further clean the edges closest to the putty (one razor per 6 light sash!)...we follow that up by spraying denatured alcohol on a papertowel and commence to wiping...CAUTION: dna can wreak havoc with latex primer/paint, only use it with oil primer/paint!

glazing putty is basically made of linseed oil and calcium carbonate (whiting) so you are not introducing a 'foreign' ingredient to the mix by cleaning with cc...it is perfectly acceptable to allow the whiting to get on the just tooled putty, just don't glob it on or it will dry out the putty...the consistency of the whiting we use is not unlike talcum or flour...not sure if you can get chaulk that fine in a blender (definitely not in my blender!)...modern kid's chaulk may have other ingredients besides calcium carbonate...i don't think anyone should worry if they've use it...i just prefer to stick with the tried and true product...

hope that helps....
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Re: Whiting substitute???

Postby MWeber on Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:39 pm

pqtex wrote:Oh honeeeee...do you mind if I use your food processor for a few minutes? :mrgreen:
Actually it is mine. I use it exclusively to make peanut butter. Well almost exclusively :mrgreen:
eperot wrote:I've never gotten the whole whiting thing. I know that it is an effective way to clean the oil residue off the glass, but I usually just allow my sash to skin over until paintable and then clean the glass with regular glass cleaner. Is there a benefit I am missing?
I admit, it was something I had seen a glazier do on a utube video. So don't know if your missing something or not but in my case it was simply a case of monkey see monkey do.
mattswabb wrote:After using chalk for the first few windows I bought my whiting off eBay. A few bucks a pound plus shipping.
Me too. $1.89 a pound. Got three pounds just to make shipping reasonable per pound. :roll:
steponmebbbboom wrote:Glazing oil?
I've used Dap 33 to glaze windows with and never had to deal with oil residue...
I used Sarco which is highly recommend here. It skins over much faster than Dap 33 so is paintable much sooner.
jade mortimer wrote:.

hope that helps....

Everything you post helps Jade. At least in my case. I'm going to try to keep it cleaner on my next window. I had putty residue and oil smears all over. A real mess. I will try the razor blade trick to get up to the compound edges. It did take several minutes in the processor to get it powder like with no small grains left. Didn't have enough white chalk to finish so used a piece of light yellow for the final two panes. Yellowing?
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Re: Whiting substitute???

Postby mattswabb on Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:10 pm

For others looking for whiting I bought mine from this seller


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Re: Whiting substitute???

Postby sooth on Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:00 pm

It is also used extensively in stained glass. If you have a stained glass studio or artist nearby, they can probably get some for you.
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Re: Whiting substitute???

Postby Sombreuil_Mongrel on Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:08 pm

At the Olympic gymnastics venues, there will invariably be a chalk dispenser/bowl at each piece of equipment so the competitors don't lose their grips. So probably a well-stocked sporting goods store will carry it.
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Re: Whiting substitute???

Postby lfinger on Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:09 pm

For posterity, (anyone reading this in the future) yes, you can find whiting easier and way cheaper than ebay stained glass suppliers. Calcium carbonate powder is the stuff they use to mark baseball fields (marking chalk), and that gymnasts use on their hands before mounting the parallel bars. It comes in huge 50lb bags, none of this 8 ounces for 8 bucks plus shipping silliness. Athletic sources would be a place to look. A local field might be delighted to sell you some at silly prices..... Whittemore-Durgin Stained Glass Suppliers in MA also sell it in 2lb bags for pretty reasonable ($3.50 in 2017). I've been researching, and one place said that stained glass whiting is roughly half calcium carbonaite and half manganese carbonate- (filler, maybe?) though not all sources actually say what it is. There may be a difference in how finely ground it is, too. For stained glass workmen, this, mixed with linseed oil and a little lampblack for color, is what they use to seal all the pieces in a stained glass window. It's worked into the leading with a brush, to weatherproof the window, and then plain whiting is used to clean it up.
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