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Paintable Wallpaper

Post by Butterflyhigh »

Our mid 1800's colonial style I house is in fantastic condition given it's age. The plaster walls have slight cracking, nothing too major. The existing wallpaper is, from what I can tell, the 3rd layer of paper and it's holding on tight. I want to paint these walls but do not want the hassle of removing the paper. My husband wants to sheetrock over everything and I am fighting the good fight to keep the walls original.

The existing paper is tight with no wrinkles or loose areas. It was last papered in 1966. I would like to try a paintable wallpaper...something that will cover the hairline cracks, give me a smooth appearance, and allow me to paint.

Does anyone have any experience with paintable wallpaper?

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Re: Paintable Wallpaper

Post by oldhouseluvr »

I tried using a border once, but it turned out to be a big mess trying to paint it and I gave up. However, the wallpaper, once it is hung should be much easier. I was painting the border before I hung it.

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Re: Paintable Wallpaper

Post by CycloneOfRed »

Butterflyhigh wrote:Does anyone have any experience with paintable wallpaper?
Can you paint it? Absolutely. But please, take pity on your future selves, or future owners and don't do it. Pretty much every room in our house has 4+ layers of wallpaper, most of which have been painted. It looks fine, but when it does come time to remove it the paint makes it a nightmare as the layer of paint prevents the steam or wallpaper removal paste from getting behind the wallpaper and loosening the glue.

For example, I recently finished stripping what is going to be my daughters new room. The main portion of the room, maybe 12ft.x14ft, did not have painted wallpaper and the entire room took me maybe 7 hours to strip. The closet however (3ft.x14ft.) had at least two layers of paint, maybe three, and that stupid little closet took me about 27 hours to strip.

So again, yes you can paint wallpaper, but please do not. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth because of it in the future.
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Re: Paintable Wallpaper

Post by cadrad »

there is a product that is like a woven fiberglass (?) liner for walls that produces a smooth surface for painting and covers over cracks, old paper and imperfections. its not a paper so much as a resurfacing product. I don't remember the name of it, but you see it advertised in the back of old house journal and the like. you are not talking about painting over the existing paper if I am reading this right.i think you meant that paper that has an embossed texture that you paint, didn't you? My walls and ceilings originally had very fine, very wide muslin glued up right after the plaster was done. A lot of it has been removed over the years, but I still find it, especially upstairs. In one papered closet, the muslin was loose and pulled down in one huge piece with all of the paint and paper on top of it, leaving smooth, never painted 90 year old plaster!
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Re: Paintable Wallpaper

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