Hurricane Sandy

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Re: Hurricane Sandy

Post by eperot »

Here in NJ we all got hit pretty hard. Just trying to drive from one town to another is pretty interesting and getting gas? Not likely. Supermarkets are just getting back up running again (told my wife I now know what a Russian Supermarket must feel like...bare shelves everywhere). Fortunately, our house survived without incident. For the three years we've owned it we have had water in the basement on any good rainfall. Two weeks ago I finally got around to burying 4" PVC pipes to lead gutter water out to the backyard away from the house...and with the hurricane...basement is dry as a bone :D

We lost the remaining half of the tree in front of our house to the wind (lost the other half exactly one year ago to the day from the snowstorm) which knocked out our cable and internet but the power is still on and I feel very fortunate. So many lost so much.
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Re: Hurricane Sandy

Post by cs »

We are still here too, despite flooding in town along the river (the Hudson is tidal here, like a fjord), and lots of really big trees down - at least six on my street - but none on my house, nor was anyone on our street hurt, thankfully. No power, of course. I have a marine battery and inverter that I got for the sump pumps, just in case, but it is now powering my laptop and I'm using my phone as a modem.

My wife's step-aunt and uncle tried to ride out the storm at the Jersey shore (they have lived "on the beach" all their lives. They and other natives are a breed apart when it comes to following evacuation orders. I would leave, but that's me). They managed to keep the house in which they were staying (a friend's place that had a second story) from burning when the neighboring houses went up. There own place, which was built by their father back in the 1940's, survived remarkable intact, despite being located on the beach. The house next to them, which is (or was) actually beach-front was totally destroyed, but the wreckage created a dike that diverted the waves on either side of their place. They lost both cars, and their deck and some sheds, but their modest little post war beach bungalow survived with only a little water damage.

Hopefully we'll have power back in the next week or so.



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Re: Hurricane Sandy

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eric and chris...thanks for the updates...glad you and your homes got through unscathed...i have a friend who has a place on the jersey shore and all was well with her house but not so her neighbors...

so long sandy...........


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Re: Hurricane Sandy

Post by Kansas. 1911. »

Eric and Chris,

I appreciate your stories and what it took to post them when all around you is in post-Sandy mode. Stay safe, everyone.
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Re: Hurricane Sandy

Post by cberhomengarden »

Luckily we did not have any damage to our house or cars & kept power (except for 1hr on Monday night).
We are very fortunate as there are many trees down all around our neighborhood. Some blocks right nearby do not have power & may not for a while as there are trees on the electrical wires.

We do not have much gas left in the cars & the gas stations keep running out of gas. So we are staying close to home & not driving this weekend in hopes this gas shortage gets relieved by Monday.

In good news, the NYC Subway is making great strides getting tunnels pumped out and several train lines already back running today from end to end (Bronx through Manhattan to Brooklyn). Commuter rail (Metro North & LIRR) are also doing well restoring services. Looks like everyone is working hard to get things back to working order by Monday for schools & businesses to reopen.

My thoughts go out to all those who lost everything & their lives. It is always heart breaking to see/hear their stories.

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Re: Hurricane Sandy

Post by melissakd »

Wondering about Harkin and his wife & twins, as well as Kristin. DH's mom left Staten Island to stay upstate with family, don't know how her house fared. I'm fine in the Midwest, but was suitably impressed by the fact that the weather system reached us too, a thousand* miles away.

*I actually have no idea how far my house is from the ocean.
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Re: Hurricane Sandy

Post by Lynners »

Kristen hasn't been here in almost a year...hope she faired well, though!
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