Help identifying oil lamp part...

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Help identifying oil lamp part...

Post by CycloneOfRed »

Hi All,

Haven't posted in a bit, but I assure you I've been lurking about the whole time.

I've come to seek advice on a oil lamp part I recently purchased...what I thought was a wall sconce but upon its arrival I'm wondering if maybe its the arm of an oil lamp chandelier. Here's a picture (sorry I couldn't get the whole thing to fit, but you can see all the important parts):


The two things that are throwing me off are 1) the mount (where you mount it to the wall assuming it is a wall mount type) is on the upper portion of the hinge, not the lower. None of the brackets I have fit this hinge. Maybe this means I just don't have the right bracket, or maybe none fit because it only matches up with the rest of a chandelier.

2) the part that sticks out on top has me all befuddled. I assumed from the pictures that this was to hold a mercury reflector, but I don't know how one would connect a mercury reflector to this appendage and, furthermore, if I could find a way to attach it, the placement would be almost directly on top of the burner, not behind it. The only other thing I could think of is perhaps a smoke bell would have hung from this (but then it wouldn't hang directly over the chimney either)? Also, it pivots from a 90 degree angle (pictured) to vertical.

So, does anyone know what this thing is, and how it all works?

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Re: Help identifying oil lamp part...

Post by GothicHome »

I'm thinking you have one arm of a multi arm chandelier. The picture does not show the bowle for the faunt. The two ended pin end would fit into a central body the extended mount at the top of the pic may have housed another faunt bracket or at one time had an extension that would hold the smoke bell. I don't think it is a Bradley and Hubbard unit though.

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Re: Help identifying oil lamp part...

Post by 1880 Stick Victorian »

i believe the top piece may be for the mercury glass reflector....see below
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