Need Advice on Gas Inserts

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Need Advice on Gas Inserts

Post by SouthernLady »

It's been a while since I have been here, and I have made a lot of progress. Also, still quite a ways to go!

Below are my two fireplaces. Pictures were taken in the middle of my move. One in the dining room, and one in the parlor. (Yes, it does seem the dining room and kitchen area were originally open to each other. The descendants of the builders said they always remembered it this way, and the original flooring shows no sign of wall being removed... strange, I know...)

Image Image

Here's the bad news... Both chimneys are unlined. Good news: the previous owners had each hooked up with gas logs, which have since been removed. The lines are there and they are still good. The parlor fireplace has been sealed off, and the chimney inspector says he believes they used a vent-free gas insert. The dining room fireplace, however, is not sealed off, thus I have the lovely circa 2014 cardboard box blocking off the fireplace. The chimney inspector suggested I install vent-free gas coal baskets.

I am not familiar with gas inserts at all. Is vent-free safe? It seems to me it might make my house smell of gas...

Also, what inserts to do you recommend? Do you have photos to share?

Thank you!

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Re: Need Advice on Gas Inserts

Post by McCall »

In older houses that are not sealed as tight as new ones, they are pretty safe and most have additional safety features built into them.

The Coal Basket is exactly what I am planning to put in mine.

You can get them vented of vent free by the way.

You do get some smell with vent free, it is not a gas smell however.

coal basket
249 x 192 pixels
The image is at: Coal Basket.htm
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