Wrong Lead Paint Primer Used

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Wrong Lead Paint Primer Used

Postby lbciprari on Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:59 pm

My husband and I purchased a home built year 1900 and there was a lot of lead paint on the doors and trim. Everything was in good condition so we opted to paint over it. However, we are now (only a few weeks later) learning that the paint we applied, although completely dry, scrapes right off only to reveal the old lead paint again (the lead paint layer underneath remains unscathed.) It is obvious now that we should have used an adhesive primer or oil based primer to adhere to the lead paint surface but is this something we have to completely undo, as in: remove all the primer and paint that we laid down on the trim and doors and completely start over with the encapsulating primer? Or can we use the correct primer right over everything we painted? My concern is that the base, where the vinyl primer meets the lead paint is clearly not adhered well and so layering stuff on top may prove to be an even bigger waste of time and money since the issue remains underneath the surface. Please help. Thank you!! -Lori
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