Blow in foam between cracks of rubble basement wall?

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Blow in foam between cracks of rubble basement wall?

Postby ziziaaurea on Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:40 am

Hi, I'm looking for advice on dealing with the shifting "rubble" basement wall of an old farmhouse in Maine. The large stones move every year, causing pathways for airflow. For the past two years I have put blow in foam between the cracks. This year the cracks are bigger than ever. I'd like to confirm that it's not causing damage to do this.

The house is a summer home, and is occupied only a few weeks of the winter. (I'm the neighbor/ caretaker.) The heat is set at 50-55. The basement is relatively dry. I'm guessing some serious foundation work and insulation is the long term solution, but I don't see that happening soon, so I'm looking for a stop-gap solution. I've seen discussions about coating the entire inside wall with foam, but that's not what I'm doing - just filling the cracks!

any input appreciated! Thank you, - Melissa
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