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Advice on tongue and groove flooring repair

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:56 pm
by jakkwb
Hello all. I am trying to repair a floor furnace hole in the floor of our house. I have the subfloor patched, and now need advice on how to do the tongue and groove flooring.

It is 3/8 thick oak. I have the replacement flooring on hand.

So, I definitely want it to be staggered so it will look natural.

The hole is next to a wall and in a doorway. It is also about 6 ft away from the corner of the room.

Would it be best to just take up the whole corner of existing flooring and then re lay it down covering the hole?

Some of the flooring next to the brown chair have been nailed down with the nail-heads showing (I am guessing they had to patch these strips. I need to remove the nails so I can sand the floors when I get them patched.)

Any advice would be appreciated.