Sealing lime mortar?

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Sealing lime mortar?

Postby CatsinQ on Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:22 pm

I am laying river pebbles between flagstones and decided to make my own lime mortar to do it. Everything is going well, I am using hydrated lime and fine jointing sand mixed with quartz. A friend was looking at what I had done so far and commented that it would look great when it was done and all the stone had been sealed. I froze inside - of course I was planning on sealing the stone but I hadn't considered the mortar, which as far as I know needs to breathe - forever.
Does anyone know ...
A) If I can seal ACTUAL lime mortar (there was another post on this subject but apparently they were using Type N, not what I'm doing), and if so,
B) what type of sealer should I look for? OR
C), should I carefully paint the stones (easy to do) and pebbles (not so easy - there are several thousand of them) with sealer and try to avoid getting it on the mortar/grout?

PS, I am using the same material for the grout between the pebbles, just mixing it up slightly thinner.

I appreciate everyone's expertise and opinions on this. Thank you in advance.
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