Troubleshooting second floor heat

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Troubleshooting second floor heat

Post by oldbullgoose »

We are restoring a Victorian home built in 1890. We had contractors completely redo our electric, plumbing, and HVAC at the beginning of the project, including a new forced air furnace. The HVAC contractor installed new ducting to the "new" rooms that we had framed in, but otherwise used the existing ducting. We have one big issue with heat...the southern half of our second floor is not getting any heat flow whatsoever! The troublesome southern half is all "old" ducting, while the northern half is both new and old ducting and getting very nice heat flow.

Unfortunately, the main heat stack going to the second floor is all drywalled in now, so it has proven difficult to troubleshoot the issue. The vents in the basement are all open going up to the second floor. We have not had the ducts professionally cleaned just yet. We are waiting for the last of the dusty renovations to be finished before we have the pros in to clean them. So there is a chance there is something plugged up.

Other than contacting the HVAC contractor, is there any further troubleshooting we can do?

Also, please feel free to direct me to other posts on this issue. I did a quick search and didn't find anything. I may not be getting the keywords right though!

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Re: Troubleshooting second floor heat

Post by MatthewBriggs »

Are you still looking for an HVAC contractor for your HVAC system?
Well, I know I am so late but its o.
I think the HVAC PROFESSIONAL CAN Solve your issue in a very flawless way.

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