Window glazing

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Window glazing

Postby AnthonyABobo on Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:03 am

Hei friends,
I'm after a feedback on double glazing windows. I have very large windows at my house. After knowing about double glazing, I have decided to glaze the windows. The primary purpose of glazing is to keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It is being said that such windows reduce the energy consumption. As winter is nearby, there will exist the problem of condensation. In such a situation, double glazing can serve the purpose. But one of my friends said that double glazing makes the windows heavy. If it is an opening type of window, we need to put on extra weight on the windows. And another factor is that its installation cost is very high.

Recently, I contacted one of the window and door company in Barrie. They said that the windows with double glazing provide noise insulation. They also explained how they do it. It is like they keep a gap of around 15 cm between the glass panes with the inside and outside glass panes having different widths. I pretty much liked the idea. My concern is on how to maintain such windows? Are these windows long lasting? Will there exist any problem of misting or fogging inside double glazed window glass? It would be of great help if you can clear my doubts. Thanks in advance.
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