Curved edge roof with no gutters??

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Curved edge roof with no gutters??

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I am in the process of buying a 1926 Craftsman right now. At first I honestly didn't even notice it but then my wife pointed out that the house had no gutters. Not being familiar with old houses at all this seemed completely insane to me but I quickly found many other examples, even on our same street. What I have not ever found, and what I don't even have a name for, is the style of rounded, wrapped, edging that this particular roof has on it:
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Original image can be found here:

So far I have spoken to two roofers and their responses couldn't have been more different. The first one said he immediately knew the house I was talking about and has always admired that roof. He drove out to the property and inspected it from the ground level again, then called back. He didn't know who did the work but commented that it was done very well. He also said that older houses occasionally had used this style back in the period. Ok, great. I'm feeling good at this point. Meanwhile my Dad had reached out to another roofer who told him "Wow, I've never seen anything like that but my first question would be 'what are they tried to hide??' I'd be very careful with that". Ok, now I'm feeling sick lol.

The home inspection is Monday but I have no idea if the inspector will be familiar at all with this seemingly unusual style of roof. So my questions are: 1) have any of you seen something like this before? 2) does it have a name? 3) is it anything to be worried about? 4) is this a period-correct style of roof?

Thank you!

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