I s**k at drywall

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I s**k at drywall

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We had a roof problem on our 100 year old house. Turns out the previous owner had a go-to "handyman." We caught most of his disasters during the home inspection but we missed a botched section of flashing that was basically funneling water into our exterior walls once it let loose.

Anyhoo, after cutting through two stories worth of 100 year old lathe and plaster and some newer drywall sections, removing soaked insulation, bleaching and scrubbing the mold that that started to grow, replacing rotten studs, spending a thousand bucks to a good roofer to fix the source of the problem, and two thick fucking coats of Kilz primer throughout the studwalls -- it turns out, I am terrible at drywall. At least in my house I am, I imagine that in a newer house where things are a bit more square and plum this might not be a problem, but MY house is like looking at a new house through one of those fucking wavy funhouse mirrors when you're trying to make cuts to hang the sheetrock.

Anyway, two more coats of joint compound, some texture, and finally some paint and we'll hope to have a living room and our closets back by this weekend.

I had a sh**ty holiday weekend.

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