Is there an app for your old house? Looking for input

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Is there an app for your old house? Looking for input

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Hi, I'm Darren. I have been a member of the Old House Web since 2002 when we first bought our 1874 home. I came here for information on how to fix the radiators, what to do with the floors, fix woodwork, and more things than I can count. Since coming on here, I've been able to (mostly) renovate our lovely home. Sure, I'm still installing one floor, and the master bath is gutted, but such is life in an old home.

So, why am I here now? Because I just received a grant from MIT to create my own high-tech startup to help restore old homes! To that end, I'm looking for input on the best way to do this, and where else would I go but to you? The survey is simple, and hopefully non-intrusive. I'm just looking for ways to gauge the potential market, see what others think, and to focus on what can have the most impact.

My goals are two-fold: First, to preserve the architectural integrity of our historical legacy by preventing the wholesale slaughter of precious architectural details, from crown moldings, to window casings to 5-panel doors, etc.; and second, to save the old materials, keep them out of landfills, and reduce the impact on our forests and other natural resources. If you are committed to the idea of preserving our heritage, and focusing the efforts of modern technology toward old home restoration, please join me!

The link is here:
The password is myoldhouse

Thank you for caring!

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