Ants in the house

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Ants in the house

Postby Dinallonn on Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:13 am

We've had little black ants in the house for a couple of weeks and then this weekend they found the kitchen and we've had a steady stream of them in and out since then. Does anyone know of any good ways to get rid of them (preferably non-toxic as we have a toddler)?
I've tried putting little trays of vinegar (white malt) near where they are coming in to deter them after someone recommended it but it had no effect, in fact as I was cooking dinner one was walking round and round the tray I'd put on the worktop as if it was actually attracted to it.
There is no obvious source or nest that they are coming from as they are just coming up from under the patio so it would be difficult to target the nest.
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