What to use to cover gap under baseboard heaters?

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What to use to cover gap under baseboard heaters?

Postby hepcat72 on Sat Feb 29, 2020 4:02 pm


I'm attempting to mitigate an occasional mouse problem. Our house has baseboard heat, with a boiler in the basement. Everywhere where there's a baseboard, it looks like previous owners removed quarter-round, as there's a gap between the wood floor and the bottom of the ~8" tall baseboards. Everywhere where there's not a baseboard heater, there is quarter-round. A quarter-round would not fit under the baseboard heaters.

My question is, what should I use to seal off that gap? The heaters have different sized gaps under them and the gap size varies, so it would be hard to get wood to fit everywhere. Is there some sort of "L" shaped strips or something that is OK close to a heat source?

We have a cat, so I think the occasional mouse gets in and explores before it realizes it's being hunted. My idea is to reduce the number of escape routes they can take and see if the cat catches more than 1 mouse every 2 years to see if we have a continual problem. I've put out numerous traps and I have motion cameras and I never catch or see anything. We never find droppings anywhere in the living space.

Here's an example of the gap. Don't mind the dust...

IMG_0505.JPG (1.78 MiB) Viewed 1647 times

Wow, it displays upside down and enormous. Sorry about that.
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