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Stacked Plank Framing

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 1:48 pm
by cechiodo
Hi - I'm in North Adams MA and the 1920 house we live in has construction I have not seen before. It looks like stacked horizontal 2" thick plank with vertical planks at corners and some openings. The planks are edge nailed together and sheathed with vertical T&G which I assume is structural. There is no traditional framing (e.g. studs) in the exterior walls. From the outside in we have; siding, T&G sheathing, 2" plank, strapping then interior dry wall, no insulation. I searched around the forums and found a few references that sounded similar but nothing like this!
-Has anyone seen anything like this? I've uploaded a few pictures, you can see some are reused form boards..
-Any thoughts on insulation - current thinking is R-12 Zip over the T&G