How to hang a door?

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How to hang a door?

Post by barrett »

the door to my studio is in a corner of the living room, but for some reason when it opens the door is in middle of the wall, rather than in the corner which is where i think it should open too.

it just looks stupid and awkward right now that when the door is open it is in the middle of the wall rather than up against the side wall.

so how do i rehang it so the hinges are on the other side? i tried to hang a door in the pantry doorway, but it's slightly crooked and gets stuck. any advice on how to center and whatever else so it swings freely?

i tried to google this, but got a lot of useless information. some sites say i need a butt guage, can i get away without one, and what does it do?


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Post by franklyspeaking »

This can be done, but it is not an easy DIY job. I did this on our bedroom door, which my wife requested be reversed. I took the hinges loose from the jamb and then reversed the hinges and lock on the door. I then propped the door into the doorway and marked the hinge positions, remortised the hinges and rehung the door (make sure you have the proper margins at the top and bottom of the door). I marked the new latch position and mortised in the strike plate. The difficulty comes into repairing the old mortises. I cut thin blocks of wood just the right size and thickness to patch them and used nails, glue and caulk to make the repairs. After painting it looks okay. A better job would be to replace the jambs, but this runs into taking down most of the trim and replacing it.

I've never heard of a butt gauge. Good luck!

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