Restore / Refinish old Brick floor?

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Restore / Refinish old Brick floor?

Post by DeirdreLovelace »

Greetings! I'm in need of some help!!! I am looking to see if anyone out there has any ideas of how to restore an old brick floor? We don't have an "old house"'s 40 years old...but, our foyer is done in brick. Hardwoods throughout the rest of the home. Our brick foyer looks like NO ONE before us ever washed it!!! Any suggestions on how I can clean it to bring back some of "clean" look? I've washed it several times and it doesn't look any different. Just trying to get it to look "clean" I like the "old fashioned" look of the brick (reminds me of the old houses in Philly) but, it just needs to look a bit cleaner. HELP!!!! Thank you SO much for your assistance and any and all ideas!! :-)
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Deirdre :-)

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Post by franklyspeaking »

Muriatic Acid is the common brick cleaning agent the pros use to clean brick of dirt and mortor after brick is layed. You can dilute it in water to control the amount of agressiveness. You will need to wear rubber gloves and goggles or safety glasses and will need to be sponge it up with clean water after it sets for a couple of minutes. You'll also need to be careful not to get it on the hardwood floor, also. You can get it at any builders supply store.

Good luck!

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