Proper way to drywall a basement

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First of all...

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You guys rock! :-) Thanks for all the advice...

Now... I am planning on furring/framing that wall this weekend, and still haven't been convinced either way as far as furring vs framing...

So... if I furr it out, I would actually use 2x4's flat against the walls on 24" centers... and simply shim these 2x4s out in areas where the wall is not even, then put sheets of foam insulation (I found one that is moisture and mildew resistant)... against the walls for an extra measure of protection and insulation.

If I frame it, I would use the pressure treated wood as a footer (thanks for that tip)... should I also make it a 'floating wall?' since it is in a basement? This is where I start to think... "this is too complicated" and lean back toward furring it out.

Any other thoughts about these two options? According to the woman I got my permit through, I could go either way.

On a side note, See my post about latex over oil... regarding my experience with Drylok paint. STINKY...
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Don M
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Furring the wall is clearly the easiest and as long as you can adjust for your wavy walls you should be fine. You will lose less floor space if you furr the walls too. You will also use less wood and it will be less expensive as well. :wink: Don

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Re: Proper way to drywall a basement

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the basement is important for the drywall.this is my first visiting of this site.keep it for sharing this type of information.the planning is important for all basement.

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