What do you do?

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What do you do?

Post by Schag »

I just wanted get a little more insight into who we all are.
We all have an expensive habit, and I am interested to see what we all do in order to support that habit.

I'll start.

I've worked as a Computer/Network/Systems Consultant for the last 5 years.
That's just a fancy name for Sales Monkey. :lol:
I sell computer systems to businesses.

My wife is a college student. That means she has a full time job that I actually have to pay for. :cry:

What do you do :?:

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Post by healingtouch »

I am a massage therapist and it is going to be a long slow haul to work over this house, but I working out of the house and that saves overhead. And part of all of my repairs and such are tax deductible. :D

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Post by jeepnstein »

IT for local government. It's a great gig. We don't have much money be we get alot done.

I've dabbled some with law enforcement but just can't take the vow of poverty.

I really want to be a lumberjack...


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Post by Starr-Point »

I'm a commercial insurance broker to the construction industry.

Renaissance Restorations
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What I do for A Living...

Post by Renaissance Restorations »

Restore antique and Victorian homes, been at it for about 11 years now. Used to work in Hi-Tech many years ago, don't regret the career change.

Renaissance Restorations LLC
35 Grove Ave
Leominster, MA 01453


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Post by Imelda »

I'm pretty new to the forum... So I wanted o also say hello to everyone.

I'm a probation officer and my husband is an attorney. The work on our house will be slow going as we figure out what exactly we want to renovate first. (and figure out how to pay for it :D )

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Post by thouser »

I'm a formally trained cabinetmaker specializing in the Arts & Crafts movement who I guess got lucky because I love what I do and it's been 36 years of it. Now if I could just learn the rest of the trades restoration could be much cheaper.
Thom Houser
"Let the work be simple and genuine, let it be a genuine
expression of the life which it is to environ"
Charles Keeler

Nancy W
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Post by Nancy W »

Former socail worker for a local Dept. of Socail Services; now property manager.

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Post by shrimpdip »

I am the IT department in a community based correctional facility. My wife is a social worker for another local agency. I work with the daddys and she works with their baby's momma's. Between the family, the job and the house I have plenty to keep me busy. :)


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Post by Dave »

I design explosive-detecting CT scanners for airports , and also medical CT "cat" scanners for use in hospitals.

I'd rather a career in old house restoration, turning what I love into my livelihood. The Quaker idea sounded pretty good too.

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