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Re: You know you're an old house owner in NJ if...

Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:24 pm

KristenS wrote:But we did see a lot of older storm windows. The wood type, that attach on top hinges, or just slide in and are held in place with turn buttons. They looked GORGEOUS! I figured that with the right type of weatherstripping, they should be nice and efficient, too.

It's so tempting to reinstall the originl style storm windows. I still have marks above my window frames where hte old hangers were and the small eyebolt is still on the outside sill of every window. But at $350... I can get 2 LArson Gold storm windows. Really, they don't look so bad.

We'll see how my budget is next year. I have a few identical sizes. I could change my mind and at least get 8 authentic storms for the front and play musical storms with the ones I've already installed. I have 12 installed, 6 on order and 20 more after that. So its' still possible I could get some Allied or wood storms put on at least in front. On the other 32 windows, I don't car as much and would rather put my money to use elsewhere such as refinishing the wood floors.

Some times I'll take a picture of the windows with no storms and the ones with the Larsons and see what people think.

Re: You know you're an old house owner in NJ if...

Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:32 pm

aptharsia wrote:
P.S. I hope this is okay but here is a recent example I found with some before/after pics of what happens everyday to charming houses: 1928 in Winston Salem.

For 1/2 the price they could have just re-painted the windows and probably jsut repalced a few sash cords and gotten color matched storm windows and it would have kept its character. If nothing else it would have saved them $15k or more. 1 over 1 windows? Blah, can't get more boring and non-historic that that.
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