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Re: Ghosts in old houses?

Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:29 pm

Hey Lemmonjello!

First welcome to the OHW and please post pictures of your spook house and spooky projects.

You must have nerves of steel to look forward to another encounter. I am not so sure I would be!

Re: Ghosts in old houses?

Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:39 pm

Dear friends,

Yes, we have ghosts and they are in and out of our house, as they like. They are as curious about us as we are of them. And, they are no different now than when they were living. As sure as they once breathed in our old house, their energy remains. They are not "lost" waiting to go to the Light. They are not DEAD, but live in heaven and come around once in a while to offer their advice and guidance. Some people call them guardian angels.

Their presence is so subtle that most of us would simply brush-off a coincidence, or unexplained event. Their existense is not non-sense, but very real once you open your mind. I don't usually talk about our ghost experiences; but today I'm going to open up and tell you, I do research for a paranormal group who has been investigating and studying this phenomena since 1995. I am also one of the audio analysts who comb hours and hours of dish and handheld recordings from investigations--listening for EVPs.

I've had three paranormal investigations at my old Victorian. Each one, more productive than the previous one. EVPs, yes--hundreds. We've recorded many EVPS in our old house including our Mabel (1885-1969) youngest daughter of the original owner/builder. We have heard from spirits Bill, Frank, and David too. Durng one recording session, I asked the question, "will you tell us your name?" We captured four voices, one right after the other sayig, "Bill, Mabel, Frank, Dave." Email me if you'd like to hear the EVP clip.

Mrs. D

Re: Ghosts in old houses?

Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:04 am

melissakd wrote:It's almost time for Lavenderbush's annual bump of the ghost story threads, so watch for that, haunted-house fans! MKD

Mel my friend I think you've mistaken me for someone else - if my house was ever haunted? They're sitting at the side a road that was re-routed by our town 8 years ago, 5 miles from the Purple House :)

But I was thinking as I read the OP's post - who was the guy that posted the VERY long story of the haunting of his house a couple of years ago - and most of it wasn't good.

We were rapt!

Any thoughts? Anyone?

Re: Ghosts in old houses?

Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:13 am

HA! Found it 'Drew in Baltimore' - spooks



Darn Mel, you made me resurrect this :lol:

Isn't it Mary Alice that LOVES the ghost stories - is she still posting. MA? Where are you?

Re: Ghosts in old houses?

Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:14 pm

Another haunted homeowner here...

I can't remember where I left off on my story a couple years ago... I havent' been by this site much lately.

But here's what we've had happen over the last couple years...

I was down in the boiler room making a model submarine a couple years ago; I heard footsteps comming down the stairs above me; I thought it was one of my kids. I turned around and standing at the bottom of the stairs and saw a little girl in a white dress standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at me... for lack of a better term...like she'd just seen a ghost. Then she was gone; I must have only seen her for a second or two. It was the third time I saw her; earlier when researching the history of the house I learned a 5 year old girl died there in 1918.

The activity died down after that but has started up again this year. I woke up in the middle of the night earlier in the year to see a marble-sized glowing white ball cruising lazily around the room near the ceiling, then out the bedroom door and down the hall.

A couple of weeks ago I was home by myself one afternoon playing Xbox when I heard a HUGE crash from one of the bedrooms, literally like someone had tipped over a shelf full of china. I rushed over but found nothing out of place; I even checked outside, in the attic and crawlspace.

Around the same time my 11 year old son rushed into our room late one evening scared to death; he said he heard footsteps comming up the stairs from the basement (the same place I saw the ghost a couple years ago) which is right next to his room. Another check turned up nothing, and he's refused to sleep in that room ever since. We've actully moved him in with his sisters, right across from us...

Re: Ghosts in old houses?

Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:12 pm

oh, rats, you're quite right of course, Lavender. I'm not sure why I confused you, but Mary Alice is the ghost fan. Perhaps there was some association in my mind based on gentility? Does her house look like yours? Hmm.

And yes, Drew's ghost story has been forever imprinted in my mind.

Thanks, Selvatico, for adding to our collection.


Re: Ghosts in old houses?

Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:51 pm

It's probably something as simple as we both like the colors Lavender and Sage - especially together :)

I'm going to re-read Drew's post on Sunday evening when we're due more snow and I'll be hunkering down. Snow on Halloween decorations? SO wrong :(
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