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Chinqua Penn Plantation Sale

Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:31 am

For those of you into auctions, check out the Chinqua Penn Plantation sale taking place tomorrow and Thursday. Leland Little Auctions, and on Live Auctioneers as well. I went to the preview on Sunday and despite all the rain it was a most interesting day. Great house, even if by my standards, not particularly old. Very unusual place, composed of bits and pieces purchased in Europe and them all put together into a house in the North Carolina piedmont in the 1920's built by a tobacco millionaire and his wife. Not nearly as massive as Biltmore, but much more livable, and still huge. A 55 by 35 foot living room that is about 2.5 stories high and six bedrooms, without including the servants area which was not open for the preview.
The house will also be coming up on the market shortly, not sure how much land is with it. But its an amazing place. Unless someone is really loaded tho it will need to used to pay for itself, restaurant or bed and breakfast maybe. Easily enough room for someone to run a restaurant in the house and still live in one wing.
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