Interesting day

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Interesting day

Postby James on Sat May 26, 2012 7:34 pm

Well I had something happen today that has not occurred before in the almost 11 years I have lived here. One of my dogs was barking at a truck stopped in the middle of the road in front of my house and when I went out to call her back the folks in the truck called me over and said that this place was their roots. It was three siblings, a lady and her two brothers and their grandparents had lived in the house and they had lived here with them and the lady said she had been born in the house. One of the brothers said he had been born in another old tenant house, now more or less a ruin back in the edge of the woods behind the field across the road, which their parents had lived in at one point. Their family had worked as tenant farmers for the Braswells who owned the place from 1948 till the late 1980's. Their family apparenty was here from the 40's till the mid 60's. The sister said she has a picture taken back then, not sure exactly when, and she got my address and plans to have a copy made and mail to me. Can't wait to see it. The earliest pictures I have seen of this place date to the mid 1980's when the last of the tenants was here and the place was very run down. That was when the county architectural survey was done and the place was more or less discovered as one of the oldest houses in the county. Looking forward to getting the picture and told them all to be sure and stop by again the next time they are back down here for a visit.
I had just about given up any hope that any former residents of the house would ever stop by. I know at some point it was used to house migrant farm workers, but that apparently came later in its history. Their family had three generations living here at one point. Really enjoyed the visit, and can't wait to see the picture of the place. So its been a good Memorial Day weekend here so far.
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Re: Interesting day

Postby CountryGirl on Sat May 26, 2012 10:21 pm

James, I'm so happy for you. It certainly means so much when we have
the opportunity to talk to people that have lived their lives in our houses.
How wonderful they will send you a picure. :D

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Re: Interesting day

Postby S Melissa on Sun May 27, 2012 7:14 pm

James - terrific story! That happened twice to me over the 34 yrs I've been here - one was a renter - the other was a descendant from the original owner/builder. Was very cool. You'll remember that always. And the best part for those folks that stopped by, was the old place was in loving hands and being cared for - their memories are now more intact than ever because you have taken the time and the effort to salvage the old girl from certain ruin. They will talk about this visit for the rest of their lives. Don't be surprised if they come back with a car load or two to visit the old place again!

We stopped by my mom's grandma's place in Missouri many years ago (Mom will be 93 this year and still shoots ground hogs). After the depression they lost the farm and moved to town to find work. My mom has great memories of her grandma's place - across the field from her parents' home on the farm. After the depression - the house was never lived in again - it sat in the middle of a cow pasture, grass growing up all around it, the big porch where my mother shelled peas and plucked chickens as a girl was falling off, cows wandered thru the house at some point as the doors were all ajar. We climbed the fence - stared down the cows and peeked in. To say mom's heart was saddened by what she saw is putting it lightly. She remembered a sparkling clean house, crisp white paint, no weeds (God forbid a weed on Grandpa's farm!!), chickens in the yard and perfectly painted white board fences lining the road coming up to the house. She still talks about the farm - and how we found it some 50+ yrs later always with disappointment in her voice. You, James, gave your people a whole different story to tell!
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Re: Interesting day

Postby Eden on Wed May 30, 2012 11:18 am

Very nicely said Melissa.

James, I do hope they come back, at least that they send you pictures. Getting pictures for comparison, then and now is always exciting. Perhaps you can get your tech savvy nephew (?) to scan the picture and post it for us to see too!
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Re: Interesting day

Postby eclecticcottage on Thu May 31, 2012 11:57 am

Oh how exciting! I would be on pins and needles waiting for the photos to arrive, lol.

We met a former neighbor of the Cottage a few weeks ago. She didn't really remember the Cottage very well, but she remembered the owner that the time had a tractor and made a HUGE garden for her and her landlord when they asked for a little one, lol. I've always thought about going to my grandparent's old place and talking to the owners, but never have gotten the nerve. My grandpa built it himself...and although I know it wouldn't be as drastic as what became of Melissa's mom's grandma's place, I am not so sure it will be up to my grandparent's standards of upkeep. The google earth view shows it needs a new roof at least. Good thing it's a few hours away!
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Re: Interesting day

Postby utopia13 on Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:22 pm

James! It was so neat to read the story of the PO's coming by :D

I'm always hoping for some long lost relative to drop in....but since mine have not, I'm happy yours have! Let us know when they send that pic!
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Re: Interesting day

Postby V-Man on Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:30 pm

That's really cool. When I first bought my old house, a little old lady stopped by and told me she lived here 50 years ago. I didn't think to ask her if she had any pictures...bummer...but she did share a few stories about the house and the neighborhood.
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