Took a drive last week...

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Took a drive last week...

Postby eclecticcottage on Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:38 am

For our anniversary we decided we should venture up north-we haven't gone to Canada since we had to have a passport or enhanced license. We finally enhanced our licences! Originally we were just going to poke around southern Ontario-Dufferin islands, NOTL, port dalhousie. Then DH got an idea...why not drive around the lake? We've never been past Toronto (I've never been past Oakville). Uh, yeah. That was a LONG drive and I have no pics. BUT I have to say that the small towns along the way (we hopped on the 2 somewhere after Oshawa instead of staying on the QEW) are AWESOME. The architecture! Port Hope is beautiful (although the uranium plant there makes me wary, especially considering we're on the south shore opposite of it, more or less, so I'm not so sure we'd want to go back there in particular). And all the great old farm houses along the way were wonderful too. I wish I could recall more town names, but it was a bit of a long day, lol.
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Re: Took a drive last week...

Postby PowerMuffin on Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:31 pm

In our county in CO, the county has bought up farms that go on the market and then least them back to farmers. Consequently there are a lot of wide open farms and ranches still. It is the reason we moved up here - even though our town is not that small, it still feels like it. There is something about an old farm house (well kept) sitting out in the middle of a prairie that is so romantic!
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Re: Took a drive last week...

Postby Tujo on Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:09 pm

Glad you were able to enjoy a trip to our beautiful province. My wife and I travelled through some of the same areas back in August, we stayed for a week in the Perth area (north of Kingston). There are some gorgeous little towns all around the Great Lakes - some time I'll have to get over to see more of the New York side, I've only visited the bigger cities (Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse) on choir trips.

I have a little bit of a personnel connection to the uranium plant in Port Hope, my grandparents and great uncles all worked at Uranium mines that sent their ore there, and now I work at a reactor that gets it's fuel from there (and is part owned by the owners of that facility).
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