new to the fourm got me a old house that needs help

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new to the fourm got me a old house that needs help

Postby stereorob on Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:19 pm

Hi my names rob and I live in beautiful Orlando florida, in the historic area of the college park neighborhood. ive got a 1925 2 story 2,300sqft craftsman style (I think that's what its called?) anyway the place has been in the family 20 years and it was just passed down to me, it needs ALOT of help and im not a super handyman type but I wanna learn how to restore the place myself. the house is very original with dark crown moldings that haven't been painted over, crystal doorknobs, original bathrooms and nice hardwood floors, it has a detached 2 car garage 3 porches and a car port. the story behind the house is that back in the 90s my parents saved it from demolition cause it sits on a triple lot in a upscale neighborhood close to downtown (pretty much the kiss of death for old houses around here NOTHING is sacred to developers) anyway the house was listed as a tear down and they bought it and totally restored it back in the mid 90s, (at the time my parents were very active in the historic society and our family owned 5 historic houses in the city) anyways my folks got divorced, time moved on, I grew up, and we only have 2 historic homes left, one in lake eola heights that is a Sam Stoltz house and my house in college park that was just handed over to me, to make a long story short dad moved on to bigger better things, lost intrest in historic houses, let the place fall apart back into a spooky falling down ghost house and handed me the keys and the deed,


wood rot, TONS of it
evidence of a termite infestation
peeling paint everyware
roof leaks and water damage
detached garage is about to collapse
rear porch is about to collapse
plaster falling off the walls
bi-level central HVAC units not working
code enforcement starting to sniff around
im broke, 28 years old, and im not a construction foreman!
wife isn't happy (yes were living in it)
house has a very odd floor plan, looks like a single family house but its a duplex (no its not a chop job it was originally built as one and is one of only a handful still standing in the area) but would like to convert it to a single family
1925 electric wiring (probably safe I hope)
1925 plumbing (not the best)
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Re: new to the fourm got me a old house that needs help

Postby sean016 on Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:55 am

Hello Rob i am new here my name is Sean and it is nice to meet you.
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Re: new to the fourm got me a old house that needs help

Postby James on Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:37 pm

Well the bright side of this is that you probably don't have a mortgage, based on how you got the place. So that should give you some room to maneuver on what needs doing. And with the large lot you described, that should help in being able to get a decent mortgage(downside is it will increase the taxes). Pictures would help.
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